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About Us

Trinity Parish is part of the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement. We find meaning in ancient traditions, and in contemporary expressions. We support the full inclusion of LGBTQ+ persons in the parish's life and ministry. This support is one specific aspect of our commitment to seek Christ in all people. At Trinity we seek to share God’s unconditional love and acceptance of all, regardless of age, gender, race, marital or family status, disability, or economic means. We come from many different social and economic backgrounds and faith traditions, and we come from nearly every corner of the globe. We seek through worship, learning, and service to help build the beloved community that is God’s Reign of justice, peace, and love.


Trinity is the oldest Episcopal Church in our city, established in 1865. Our rich history is only the beginning – we are an active parish community that continues to be a place of spiritual vitality and engagement in the heart of the Downtown and First Hill communities.

We are known as a place of beauty, both architectural and liturgical, as well as beauty experienced through our outstanding visual and musical arts programs. Our lovely 1892 building is on the National Register of Historic Places, and continues to inspire those who walk through its doors. And in addition to our own beautiful worship and music, we are the home for many performing arts groups in the city.

We think you’ll find the beauty of the people who gather here to be just as compelling, because we’re also known as a place of inclusion and loving hospitality, welcoming people from all walks of life. No one should feel like an outsider here, and all are welcomed at the table!

And then there’s all the outreach and mission work we do.  For over forty years we were the home of Northwest Harvest and the Cherry Street foodbank, until their recent move to new facilities.  Also on our campus is the Trinity Thrift Shop, which is a joint ministry of Trinity Parish and First Baptist of Seattle, serving hundreds of our local neighbors. We host a nightly shelter for between 40-75 women, and community suppers to bring Trinity members, our shelter guests, and other people in our neighborhood together to share a meal.  Our vibrant neighborhood includes Seattle’s finest hospitals, Seattle University, several high-rise retirement communities, public housing neighborhoods, and many other opportunities to serve one another and to welcome people into the life and ministry of this very special parish.


Our red doors symbolize the spirit of welcome and hospitality that awaits you at Trinity. Come and pay us a visit. This just might become your new spiritual home! We welcome you to be part of our life here in the midst of downtown Seattle.
Come and see for yourself! We think you’ll want to be part of what’s happening here!

For more history, check out this article.



Anglicanism has a culture, an ethos. What follows is a taste of that Anglican ethos.

In his short tract, The Anglican Way, James Fenhagen emphasized three elements: comprehensiveness, personal holiness, and holy worldliness.


"Rather than doctrinal uniformity … being able to hold together seeming opposites." In this, Fenhagen picks up on our appreciation for paradox and synthesis.

John Westerhoff wrote that "truth is known and guarded by maintaining the tension between counter-opposite statements concerning truth … personal freedom and communal responsibility … sacred and secular." This stance toward truth goes hand in hand with our tradition's valuing of ambiguity and openness. We tolerate a certain kind of theological messiness as we wait to see more clearly.  We live with differences.

The Episcopal Church


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Markdavin Obenza


Choirmaster & Director of Communications and Social Media

Kristy 1.JPG

Parish Administrator

Sister Jo 3.JPG


Director of Liturgical Music & Performing Arts

Clergy and Staff


2023 Vestry Members

Noel Gilbrough, Senior Warden

Carl McNabb, Junior Warden

Chris Gruenfeld, Treasurer

Eleanore Baxendale, Clerk


Richard Greene

Bill Harmon

Renwick Hester

Cindy Johnson-Garnett

Mary Johnstone

Betsy Severtsen

Lauren Sharma

Hillary St. John

Sally Sundar

Sarah Unbehaun

The Rev'd Sabeth FItzgibbons, Rector




Getting Involved
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