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Giving to Trinity

We give back to God out of the abundance of gifts that we receive from God.  We offer
 our time in ministry and leadership, and our talents and passions for the things we love and do well we offer to further the mission of the church.  We pledge our money to support the ministries of Trinity through annual pledges of support as well as bequests
 at the end of our lives.  Giving back to God is a spiritual practice that draws us into deeper understanding of God’s endless love for us.




Text MYTPC $25 (or any chosen amount) to the phone number 73256


Cash or Check

Payable to

"Trinity Parish Church"


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With Faith in Our Roots, We Give and Grow

With this theme, we invite you to think about the history and traditions that have made the Trinity we know and love, and the future possibilities for us to grow together as a community.


Intentional giving helps us grow and allows each of us to give the gift of grace to ourselves and the world. Your commitment enables Trinity to continue welcoming all people to experience faith and spiritual rejuvenation through our ministry and outreach. Your generosity makes us stronger as a community and improves the lives of our neighbors every day. 


We have many ministries in our church that bring us together. When you give to Trinity, you honor the gifts that God has given to you by supporting these ministries. You also show appreciation for the many volunteers that make these efforts possible. During a time when we have often met at a distance, it can be easy to forget all the things we enjoy doing together. 


We pray that your giving comes from a gratitude for the gifts God gives you. Jesus taught us that every effort we make towards the will of God is important, not questions about “how much you can give” or “what is the appropriate amount.” As you consider your annual giving, we hope you’ll prayerfully consider what good we do in Jesus’ name and how your pledge will help us grow in our spiritual lives as a community.


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The Trinity Legacy Society is chartered to acknowledge gratefully those faithful persons who have made provisions to leave an end of life gift to Trinity Parish of Seattle. One becomes a member of the Legacy Society when he or she informs the Rector that Trinity is included as a beneficiary of his or her will or estate plan. Members indicate either their consent to having their names listed publicly or their request to keep their identity anonymous.

An appreciation event is held annually. In addition, the Legacy Society sponsors an educational event each year. Members of the Legacy Society are welcome to help plan events and recognition. For more information, please contact Rev. Sabeth Fitzgibbons.