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Music is an ancient voice of the Church. St. Augustine said "he who sings prays twice," and classical and traditional music are an integral part of life at Trinity. Instrumental and choral musicians play a vital role in worship services. The music of our Sunday liturgies is intended to invite us into God's presence and help us to achieve a moving and profound experience with God. 




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Celebrating our Gifts

 In this season of Celebrating Our Gifts we are reminded of the unique and wonderful treasure we share in this parish community of people from all places and all walks of life who gather around the table each week in a common goal – to be Christ’s body in the world.  Your gifts of treasure are encouraged because the mission we share together is so very important to the life of our neighborhood, our city, and our world.  That mission is to share Christ’s love, to break down walls that divide us, and to be agents of reconciliation and peace.


If you look around at the community we have created at Trinity, we are an example of what the world might be, if all would simply live into this goal.  We are black, brown, and white, gay and straight, people from every part of the world, from all social and economic and religious backgrounds.  And this is our great gift! 


Trinity needs your support in order to continue to build upon this rare and wonderful gift and to share it with the world around us.  We depend upon the sacrificial giving of every one of us to meet the needs for our program and staff, our buildings, and our outreach into the community.  We hope you will join us – the Vestry and the Stewardship Ministry team who have already made our pledges for 2020 – to make this a banner year.  We want to show through our giving that the church, and specifically Trinity Parish, play an important role in our lives and in our downtown Seattle neighborhood.  Your commitment for 2020 will help us to support the programs and staff we already have, and to build upon them for a strong future.




The Trinity Legacy Society is chartered to acknowledge gratefully those faithful persons who have made provisions to leave an end of life gift to Trinity Parish of Seattle. One becomes a member of the Legacy Society when he or she informs the Rector that Trinity is included as a beneficiary of his or her will or estate plan. Members indicate either their consent to having their names listed publicly or their request to keep their identity anonymous.

An appreciation event is held annually. In addition, the Legacy Society sponsors an educational event each year. Members of the Legacy Society are welcome to help plan events and recognition. For more information, please contact Father Jeff Gill.




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