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Trinity Parish is Seattle's Downtown Episcopal Church, located on First Hill, near Seattle's prestigious hospitals, Seattle University, and senior residences.

Trinity's Vestry  

What is a Vestry?

In the Episcopal Church, the clergy and laity have vital but differing leadership roles; however, they are partners in advancing the mission of the church. At Trinity, serving on the Vestry is considered a sacred ministry in which members of the congregation are called to apply their special gifts to the service of others. By accepting a position on the Vestry, one makes a commitment to serve, lead, and participate in our diverse community.

The Vestry is concerned with the temporal needs of the church including the physical building, financial planning, and overall general management of the parish. Vestry members address issues as big as restoration of the building after the Nisqually earthquake and as mundane as water leaks and overgrown blackberry bushes.

The Vestry is also devoted to the people of the congregation and the way they experience Trinity. Vestry members apply their many and diverse talents to connect with parishioners in order to support them in carrying out the church's mission.

The Vestry's work is guided by the belief that God is present in our meetings and deliberations. Its actions and decisions are rooted in the faith that God will guide its work and reveal the path. Parishioners are encouraged to consider service as a Vestry member.

2020 Vestry Members

Luke Parker, Senior Warden

Tony Alongi
Leslie Bourgoin
Nancy Dapper
Tana Green
Andrew Greene
Kurt Lucks
Jeffrey Moseley
Kupa Mutungu
John Steers
Sally Sundar
Marvin Taylor, O.P.

Andrew Ashton, Clerk
Chris Gruenfeld, Treasurer
Fr. Jeffrey Shilling Gill, Rector