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Trinity Parish is Seattle's Downtown Episcopal Church, located on First Hill, near Seattle's prestigious hospitals, Seattle University, and senior residences.

Arts Partnerships at Trinity  

Trinity is home to several artists-in-residence as well as having partnerships with other arts groups. Trinity also provides rehearsal space for musical groups that participate, on occasion, in our worship services or perform concerts at Trinity. If your group is interested, please email , Assistant Music Director.

Read about our partnerships below or visit the Arts Calendar to see what's up next at Trinity.


Mirinesse Women's Choir
Since 2006, Mirinesse has thrilled audiences with its beautiful sound and facility with difficult repertoire. Through uplifting and engaging performances, Mirinesse introduces audience members to a diverse repertoire and innovative musical techniques. The conductors and singers of Mirinesse strive to create an environment that enlivens the role of women's choral music in our society, refreshing the spirits and capturing the imaginations of singers and audiences alike.  Mirinesse is directed by Rebecca Rottschalk and Beth Ann Bonnecroy.
The Trinity Consort
Trinity musicians Jo Baim and Marilyn McAdoo join with Seattle Early Music specialists Molly Seibert, Tomo Morita, Larry Stark, Peggy Monroe, Gus Denhard, and Ellen Seibert to form a mixed ensemble of voices, recorders, percussion, keyboard, lute, and viol.  The Consort members bring favorite pieces to share with their audience, with a special talent for combining pieces into unusual and engaging concert themes.

More Arts Partnerships

Early Music Guild
The Early Music Guild advances appreciation for music from the Middle Ages through the 18th century by providing performances, support, and education. EMG partners with Trinity for the First Tuesday series, which teams local professional artists with young artists new to Seattle for a wide variety of concerts. We also partner for the EMG Collegium series, in which amateur and semi-professional musicians can study, rehearse, and perform Renaissance and Baroque music. Collegium groups include the Sine Nomine and Ave choirs and the New Baroque Orchestra.
Created after the shock of 9/11, Theatre9/12 chooses plays that challenge audiences. Company members perform contemporary, classic, musical, international, and original plays, interpreting them for their universality and social, political, and/or psychological relevancy. Artistic Director Charles Waxberg describes Theatre9/12 as "theatre for the world we live in today."

Frequent Performers